The 50 Best Ways to Cut Costs at the Airport

A busy airport is full of people trying to move from one place to another with as little delay as possible. We all know that flying isn't exactly the smoothest way to travel, but did you know there are steps you can take to ensure your flight goes off without a hitch?

It's possible that Southwest Airlines can assist you more than you realize, or that bringing along an extra item could turn a bad flight into a good one. Even if you believe you know the airport like the back of your hand, you may want to give these suggestions some thought.

1. Use your own set of headphones.

Benefits: There is no additional cost
What's required: a unique collection
Cost: $5+*

There are a lot of good arguments for bringing your own headphones to the airport. You may enjoy the in-flight movie without having to buy your own headphones, and the provided ones will be more secure and comfortable. 

Airline companies like American Airlines should be commended for offering them, but the quality leaves much to be desired. If you want to kick back and enjoy the show without any distractions, bring your own headphones instead of buying a new pair from them. 

2. Don't be shy about asking for a complimentary upgrade.

Potentially improved seating options
The items required: Confidence
Price: Zero

The problem is that most people are so nice that they would never dare to ask for something for free. It's a dog-eat-dog world, so if letting people know you're having a birthday would get you some extra attention, go for it.

United Airlines, like many others, has been known to offer complimentary upgrades to its customers whenever available. Of course, this strategy doesn't always pan out, but if you don't try, you'll never know.

3  proceed to the left station as you enter the security screening area.

To pass through security, you need go to the left checkpoint.
Pros: Save time and get through
The items required: Ability to determine which way is up
Price: Zero

We've all experienced the agony of waiting interminably in a security queue, but there may be a way to avoid this ordeal in the future. When entering the security checkpoint, instead of heading straight ahead, bear left and look for the farthest away checkpoint on that side.


 The logic is straightforward. Most people are right-handed, therefore they naturally proceed to the right security checkpoint. If you take the left fork, you can save time by using the system to your advantage. It's not necessarily a money-saving tip, but it will definitely help you save some time!

4 .Take along a small battery charger just in case.

Pros: You'll always have enough of juice
A portable battery charger is required.
Cost: $10-$20*

It's undeniable that modern technology has improved our lives, therefore keeping our devices charged is often a high priority. Without a phone, traveling can be both frustrating and dangerous. There are lots of outlets in airports, but you probably won't be sitting right next to one. Carry a portable battery charger instead. 


Just pull out your iPhone and plug it in when the battery life starts to become low. Bonus recommendation: switch to airplane mode or completely power down your phone after takeoff. Otherwise, it may continually scan for a network, rapidly depleting the battery.

5. Pack some wet wipes and antibacterial hand gel.

Pros: Germs won't be able to harm you.
Wet wipes and hand sanitizer are necessities.
Cost: $3-$5*

Because of the tight quarters in which passengers must sit, it is only logical that the risk of contracting a disease is elevated on airplanes. If you want to be on the safe side, bring along some wet wipes and hand sanitizer.

Put them to use as often as possible to stave off the bad guys. Additionally, wet wipes will assist in making you feel revitalized after a lengthy travel. When flying for an extended period of time with American Airlines, everyone gets sleepy. Even if you don't have access to a shower right away, you can at least wipe down your body.

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