Where to Stay in Jamaica: Top Hotels & Locations

Jamaica, as the birthplace of Rastafarianism, is renowned for its reputation as a relaxed vacation destination. Reggae, dub, dancehall, and ska, to name a few, have influenced the global music landscape due to the influence of Jamaican culture. Kingston is a bustling, cosmopolitan metropolis where you can immerse yourself in Jamaica's renowned contemporary culture.

However, a few hundred years prior to Christopher Columbus's 1494 arrival, Jamaica was infamous for its pirates. The municipality of Port Royal was well-known for hosting swashbucklers. The beaches where buccaneers would frequently appear are the same beaches where vacationers sunbathe and swim in the turquoise water.

Diagram of Jamaica

Diagram of Jamaica

The former British colony, which attained independence in 1962 but remains a member of the Commonwealth, is also renowned for its delicious cuisine, which combines African spices with British staples such as pasties; imagine jerk chicken and other spicy dishes for a mouthwatering culinary scene.

In addition to all-inclusive resorts and leisure hotels, Jamaica offers a variety of accommodations where visitors can immerse themselves in the island nation's authentic culture. Therefore, fasten your seatbelt and prepare to "ride the riddim" – here are the top places to stay in Jamaica.



Negril, located in western Jamaica, is renowned for its stunning white sand beaches and enticing turquoise waters. This is the location of Seven Mile Beach, a popular vacation destination with a variety of bars, restaurants, and accommodations – the lively Rick's Cafe is especially well-known. Additionally, Long Bay features a lagoon that is ideal for snorkeling due to its coral reefs.

You could go horseback riding along the coastline or take a catamaran cruise on the glistening water.

Negril is frequently ranked as one of the world's finest beach resorts due to its friendly, welcoming atmosphere. The beach itself stretches along two bays: Bloody Bay, where all-inclusive resorts are located, and Long Bay, where more modest hotels are located.

Accommodations in Negril

Accommodations in Negril

The SPA Retreat Boutique Hotel – Enjoying a beachfront location within walking distance of the renowned Coral Beach, this opulent 5-star hotel offers tranquility and opulence under one roof. The wellness Retreat Boutique Hotel offers yoga sessions upon request in addition to a swimming pool with sun terrace, a world-class massage and wellness center, and an on-site restaurant serving some of the finest Jamaican and international cuisine. Here, the opulent cottages feature stone walls and ornate wooden accents.

Rayon Hotel - Located a stone's throw from the popular 7-Mile Beach, Rayon Hotel is an elegant 4-star retreat that immerses you in the majesty and warmth of Jamaica. The exquisite rooms feature an enticing classic design, exquisite wooden ceilings, a pool view, and an en suite bathroom. The Rayon Hotel features a pool surrounded by nature, a vibrant poolside bar, a fine dining restaurant, and a game room where you can play pool with your friends.

White Sands Negril – Featuring a private beachfront with a sun terrace and a bar and grill that serves some of the finest international dishes right by the ocean, White Sands Negril is a remarkable budget-friendly vacation accommodation that features a lovely swimming pool, a lush garden area, and a games room where you can play ping pong. From beautiful beachfront accommodations to self-catering one-bedroom apartments, the hotel offers a variety of accommodation options.

Montego Bay

Montego Bay

The renowned Montego Bay is a prominent port of call for cruise ships docking at this terminal. MoBay, located on the north coast and affectionately referred to by residents as MoBay, is home to an abundance of hotels, fine dining, and duty-free shopping. The busiest airport in the English-speaking Caribbean is not far distant.

Additionally, there are renowned beaches in the area. For instance, Doctor's Cave Beach is backed by trees for shelter and features amenities such as showers, changing rooms, and nearby restaurants. There are dive stores at Walter Fletcher Beach as well. The Montego Bay Cultural Centre is located in a former courtroom and auditorium from the colonial era.

Montego Bay has an abundance of available accommodations. These accommodations vary from cozy inns to family-friendly hotels to luxurious spa resorts.

Accommodations in Montego Bay

Set in a picturesque location by Montego Bay, this magnificent 5-star hotel lavishes guests with world-class hospitality and cutting-edge utilities. The luxurious rooms at this hotel feature a minimalist yet exquisite design and contemporary furnishings. Start your day off with a vigorous workout to work up an appetite for the daily breakfast buffet. Unwind your mind and body in the spa's majestic ancient baths.

Holiday Inn Resort Montego Bay — Boasting a private beachfront with views of Montego Bay, Holiday Inn Resort Montego Bay exemplifies the highest level of Caribbean hospitality. This charming resort offers adults-only suites in addition to its more than 500 tastefully decorated guest accommodations that feature the most modern amenities. This Holiday Inn Resort features two outdoor pools and a children's pool, an innovative spa, multiple game courts, a variety of dining and imbibing venues, and a fully-functioning business center.

Jamaica's Ocho Rios

Jamaica's Ocho Rios

Formerly a fishing village on Jamaica's northern coast, Ocho Rios, whose name translates to "Eight Rivers" in Spanish, is reportedly where Christopher Columbus first set foot on the island in 1492.

Its days as a modest fishing village are long gone. Ocho Rios is currently a prominent port of call for both cruise ships and cargo ships. This municipality has been featured in not one, but two James Bond films: Dr. No and Live and Let Die.

Ocho Rios's renowned beach features a variety of hotels. Many of these are of the premium variety and pander exclusively to adults, especially couples. However, there is also a selection of beachfront accommodations that are less formal.

Accommodations in Ocho Rios

Moon Palace Jamaica – This five-star hotel with a private beachfront has everything you need for a luxurious vacation. Moon Palace Jamaica offers an all-inclusive vacation experience and features a grand swimming pool with multiple water slides and a wave generator. In addition, there is a dolphinarium where you can literally swim with these entrancing marine animals! The guestrooms are decorated in white and beige tones with modern furnishings. In addition, they provide a full or partial view of the ocean and a bar stocked with the finest international brands.

Jewel Dunn's River Beach Resort - An all-inclusive, adult-only, chic resort on the beachfront of Ocho Rios, Jewel Dunn's River Beach Resort features palatial rooms with artistic colonial décor, four-poster mattresses, and private balconies with views of the ocean or the surrounding mountains. You can enjoy a refreshing cocktail at the swim-up bar or indulge in gourmet cuisine at one of the two restaurants. Enjoy a round of golf on the nine-hole course or relax at the full-service facility to enhance your vacation.



Kingston, the capital of the Caribbean island nation of Jamaica, is located on the southeast coast. The city's location in a large natural harbor and encirclement by the Blue Mountains contributed to its evolution into the vibrant metropolis it is today. It is the economic and cultural center of Jamaica, and a remarkable combination of natural grandeur, colonial history, and electric energy.

New Kingston, located in the city's uptown, is home to contemporary hotels, towering buildings, and restaurants. The downtown area is crowded with historic structures. Emancipation Park is also located in New Kingston, where visitors can attend public events, go jogging, or simply appreciate the park's tranquility. The Bob Marley Museum is housed in a nineteenth-century building and provides insight into the legendary musician's life.

In Kingston, there are a variety of accommodations, spanning from hostels and guesthouses to chain hotels.

Accommodations in Kingston

Spanish Court Hotel – Located within walking distance of the Port Royal historical district, the Spanish Court Hotel is a luxurious 5-star vacation rental with amenities such as a rooftop area with an infinity pool overlooking the surrounding garden, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and a world-class spa. In addition to a private restroom and an iPod docking station, the rooms are decorated in vibrant and elegant hues. You can choose between savoring local delicacies at the hotel's café or feasting in style at the international restaurant.

Port Antonio

Port Antonio

Port Antonio is located on the northeast coast of Jamaica. This location is surrounded by tropical forests and waterfalls in the Portland Parish mountains. It lacks the frenetic vitality of Kingston and is a relaxed place to experience local culture. In addition to markets and street merchants, there is an abundance of historic Georgian architecture near the port.

Rudyard Kipling, Bette Davis, and Errol Flynn were among the first tourists to arrive in the beginning of the twentieth century. It became a popular spot for early jet setters to experience the tropical climate and waters of Jamaica. The tourist throngs have since dispersed, leaving Port Antonio as a relatively quiet town that provides a more realistic view of life in Jamaica.

The glitz and splendor of the past still exists, with some 5-star accommodations available. Small apartments and bed-and-breakfasts make up the majority of the available lodging options.

Accommodations in Port Antonio

Moon San Villa at the Blue Lagoon – Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the enchanting waters of the Caribbean, this charming resort offers you a genuine opportunity to disconnect from the outside world and experience a relaxing vacation with your family. The accommodations are spacious and well-lit. They offer modern amenities, such as coffee facilities with renowned Blue Mountain Coffee. Begin the day with a nutritious breakfast before embarking on a boat excursion to Monkey Island or the Blue Lagoon.

Treasure Shore

Treasure Shore

Treasure Beach, located on the southeast coast, has become a popular tourist destination in the past quarter-century. Once a sleepy fishing village with a strong sense of community, the area is now frequented by tourists attracted by its laid-back and somewhat bohemian ambiance. Since then, Treasure Beach has developed into a major resort destination with a variety of opulent spa resorts and all-inclusive hotels.

There are still some delightfully deserted beaches to discover, all of which are located around the four coves of Billy's Bay, Frenchman's Bay, Calabash Bay, and Great Bay despite its popularity. It is the ideal destination if you want to lounge on a gorgeous beach all day and dine on fresh seafood every night. Treasure Beach is also home to the largest body of still water in Jamaica, Great Pond.

Even though there are many upscale resorts and hotels, there are still a variety of villas and guesthouses to choose from, as well as numerous authentic local attractions.

Accommodations in Treasure Beach

Katamah Beachfront Guesthouse – Adorned with romantic decor throughout the resort, Katamah Beachfront Guesthouse is situated on an enchanting beachfront location with verdant surroundings and relaxed feelings. The guesthouse offers a variety of tastefully decorated rooms and villas with views of the sea or the well-kept gardens, making it ideally suited for couple retreats and individual rejuvenation. There is a living room on the beach where you can unwind and take in the breathtaking scenery.

Runaway Bay

Runaway Bay

Runaway Bay, located on the north coast east of Ocho Rios, is a resort town renowned for its stunning offshore coral reef and gorgeous beaches. These include Cardiff Hall Beach and Fisherman's Beach, both of which are sheltered bathing beaches that are ideal for families.

Intriguingly, the term derives from the fact that it served as an escape route for slaves during the early colonial period. There is a golf course and the hills are now populated by Western expatriates who have made Jamaica their new home. You will have a variety of accommodations to choose from, including resorts, leisure hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, and guesthouses.

There are also other natural marvels here, such as the Pearl Tree River and the Green Grotto Caves, which are approximately 500,000 years old and filled with interesting stalagmites and stalactites, along with an underground lake.

Accommodations in Runaway Bay

Jewel Paradise Cove Beach Resort – An exquisite adult beach resort and leisure, Jewel Paradise is an enviable 5-star vacation rental situated on a private stretch of beach overlooking the dazzling Caribbean Sea. The resort features a cross-fit court, three intriguing outdoor pools, a swim-up bar, and tennis courts. The resort also offers water skiing and PADI-certified diving excursions. The rooms are decorated in a fashionable, contemporary manner and include a private bathroom. Several of them even include valet service!



Falmouth is situated just east of Montego Bay. Even though it is a port for cruise ships, this community is all about its heritage. In its historic district, there are some stunning examples of crumbling Georgian architecture, while slightly outside of town is the 18th-century Good Hope Estate, a former sugar plantation where you can now learn about its history.

There are numerous ancient churches in the area, including the Anglican Church of St. Peter. Even a Jewish cemetery can be found in Falmouth. But it's not all about history; there are some excellent beaches nearby, including Burwood Public Beach, which has a playground for children, and Silver Sands Public Beach, which is suitable for snorkeling and swimming.

If this charming town sounds like your kind of location, you can choose from a variety of guesthouses, hostels, and seafront hotels.

Accommodations in Falmouth

Cas Bed & Breakfast – A no-frills, budget-friendly 4-star bed and breakfast with a private beach, this basic yet cozy vacation rental is situated on a hill overlooking the surrounding lush green forest and azure Caribbean waters. The vacation property features accommodations with a kitchenette, a living area, a dining area, and a private balcony. Begin the day with a hearty breakfast and conclude it with an alcoholic or nonalcoholic drink from the sky bar's extensive menu.

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